James had refused to hear any more than that, and shortly later, they were back at the paved section of the track, and Sera and Fur were lined up parallel at the start line, James at Fur’s wheel, with Lisa at Sera’s. Fur, being a Lotus Elise and therefore weighing about as much as a toaster and being powered by the standard turbine-electric hybrid system, accellerated mind-bogglingly quickly away from the line. Sera spun her wheels and didn’t go anywhere for a good second before she got hook-up and launched. In the meantime Lisa’s phone rang.

She went pale. “Sera, that was your brother. If we don’t catch him, and pass him, within the next three laps, he says he’s going to jump out of Fur, at speed!”

“Pipsqueak better not let him, I’ll take him apart!” Sera snarled, then growled as she once again took a turn too sharply, cranking the wheel over sharply. Then it hit her. “Shouldn’t it be as easy as walking, now?” he had asked. She WAS the truck, the driver’s controls were redundant!

She adapted very quickly.

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