The Warning

She laid her hands
On me
That last time
I was sick
I drew the line
I don’t know what
Went through her head
She laughed the way
She usually did
But this time I was serious

Just because I’m
Different than her
Doesn’t mean she has to
Hit me
Until I’m delirious
Just because
I dance in the rain
Or sing like I’m on
Soul Train
Or laugh like its the
Last Time
I ever will
And don’t care who watches me

I said
Girl, you better take your hands
Off me
And then I counted
In my head
And when she didn’t
Let me go
I slapped her across the face
She dropped her jaw in shock
And stepped away
And mumbled ‘Whatever’
Under her breath
She had the nerve to ignore
To snub me with
Her words
Now she knew
That if she ever
Touched me again
She would get
What she had given
I wouldn’t take it
With that smiling grimace
I would

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