Straight Between the Eyes

“Please don’t make me, I don’t want to, I, I can’t.” I was almost sobbing, looking up at the large pale orb in the sky. But it just stared back, letting me know I had to. This was it, I had to do it now or it would know. The moon would look down and see my cowardice and make me pay. The thought that perhaps that would be the better thing to do, to pay, flitted through my mind, but then it was gone.
“I’m not making you do anything, John.” My mind snapped back to Steve standing in front of me.
“I wasn’t talking to you.” And then I pulled the gun out and aimed it straight between his eyes. “I’m sorry, but if I don’t, he’ll make me pay.” And I pulled the trigger.
Straight between his eyes the bullet went. I saw it all in slow motion before he crumpled to the ground in front of me, my best friend, lay dead. I no longer needed him, I had the moon, my only friend now. So I turned around, leaving him there on the ground, and went home, only the moon could save me now and I would do it’s bidding.

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