Hidden Arrival

Samuel had seen the asteroid come flying in overhead, heard the cattle lowing wildly as as it burned brightly through the night sky. He’d watched it seem to slow and drop into the desert scrub beyond. Saddling up his horse, he cantered out across the fields, to the site, rifle in hand. The large crater glowed like a blacksmith’s forge in the darkness. He set camp for the night, guarding his treasure. He’d heard how valuable these things were.

The sunshine woke him, reflecting off the capsule’s polished surface like a child playing with a mirror. Cautiously, he clambered over the debris to the pod and began examining its surface – carved and rippled like the writing of an ancient scribe. Placing his palm on its intricate shell, bright blue light filled his vision. He collapsed, fitting wildly on the dusty soil.

He woke in his bed the next morning, bright and refreshed. He dressed smartly, and rode into town, buying a train ticket to Washington. “Business or pleasure, Mr Moor?” the ticket seller had asked.

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