Can You Be My Angel Please?

The ringing pounded through my ears, deafening all sound. Please answer..I begged silently.

As tears began welling in my eyes at the thought of being abandoned, heard the voice of an angel. In answer to his hello, I let out a small, gasping noise as emotions rushed through me.

Like I knew it would, his voice turned instantly to concern. He asked, “What is it Anabell?”

I sniffled as tears I’d been holding back ran freely. Taking a deep breath, I said, “Are you home? Can you talk? I need someone, Nathaniel. I’m scared… alone… My mom wasn’t home when I got home today, which isn’t usual, but it isn’t uncommon either. And so I didn’t think anything of it… but she’s still not home. And I have this horrible feeling in my stomach… And I just can’t stay in this house alone… I keep hearing things… It’s so awful… I don’t know what to do.”

My emotions crashed through me like a raging storm. I told Nathaniel how I was feeling because it was all or nothing. Now all I could do was see how he took it all.

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