How I Got an In-School Suspension.....

It was one of those days.
You know, those days.
I’m sure if it were Monday, I’d be having a case of ‘em.
The train literally took twice as long as usual, so I got to school late.
If you get to my school late, you have to serve a half hour detention afterschool.
That put a damper on my day.
My first class was Maths. Yay maths.
My teacher for this class is a boring, ugly pessimist who always seems to want to share her sad views with us.
“_2x/14=5… not that it bleedin’ matters anymore….._"
So fifth period came along. It was my least favorite class. By far.
“Multicultural Studies/ Humanity” is what they called it. Basically it was General History with more exams.
My teacher in this class hates me, like she has something against me. My phone was on vibrate.
My friend texted me. My phone went off.
The teacher asked whose it was, everyone looked at me.
No… I thought, please, no. Not today. Not today…
“Give me the mobile device, Mr. Persaud.”
Her fingers were outstretched.
That’s when something snapped.

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