Muffy is Pissed Off.

I looked at her.

She looked at me.

I stood up.

“That’s it.” I said, starting to pace around the room.

“That’s it. That’s it. I’m not gonna take it anymore.”

My teacher asked me what I wasn’t going to take.

I didn’t let her finish her sentence.

“This! This ridiculous, annoying pointless bullshit.
You feed us information that I honestly don’t think anyone ever uses in their entire life. Who gives a bloody fuck if the Mayans were the first to organize a calender?
Do you listen to yourself talk?
You’re like a machine chugging out useless information day after day while me and my classmates sit here and take it.”

She asked what I meant.

“We take it. We sit here and let you pound us up the arse with shit information and I’m tired of it.”

She started saying something.

“Shut up. Please, just… just shut up.”

With that I threw my cell phone on the carpeted floor and calmly escorted myself into the deans office.

I had four days of in-school suspension to think about what I had “done”.

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