Taken For A Ride

“Take that thing out or I’ll-.” she warned.

“Or you’ll what, play Styx? You’ve got nothing to work with, I’ve severed your controls. You are well and truly stuck.” he chuckled, and accelerated.

“Mind at least telling me how the hell you managed to pull this off, and why?” she asked.

“How I did it? Now, that would totally ruin the surprise, but I can tell you why, and it’s pretty simple. I’ve been watching you, or at least, your kind, for quite a while now. I must say I find you rather interesting. Unfortunately I don’t trust either side in your little conflict. I don’t really like fighting.” he said.

“You know, I have a transponder onboard,” she said. “I can call for help easily enough.”

“Disabled, along with your vehicle controls, although you’ll note that your interactive systems are still active. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this works out.” he said, and turned towards an onramp to the expressway.

“Afraid I’ll probably not be able to hear you over the wind but we can talk later, no?”

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