Walk like a... Truck?

The truck continued to tremble, and then, as the sound played, the truck suddenly became a heap of uncoordinated robot parts.

“You know, you could have warned me it was that…” Sera mumbled.

“Undignified?” Lisa guessed

“Comical?” James offered

Even Fur couldn’t quite manage to keep a proverbially straight face, and the Elise revved it’s engine in what couldn’t be mistaken as anything other than laughter.

“Everyone’s a comedian. You know, once I figure out how to stand up, I could seriously step on the two of you.” she grumbled, and attempted to untangle herself from the knot of limbs that she was now inhabiting. After considerable effort and multiple attempts, she managed to bring herself to a standing position…

“Is there any way that I don’t have to do that any time soon?” she sighed.

“Sorry, that’s kind of part of standard procedures here, you’re going to have to learn to do that, and quickly.” Lisa replied sympathetically."

“On the upside, at least now you have legs.” James said, consolingly.

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