Scooter Girls

Violet woke, confused. Her body felt strange…kind of folded up, but not in pain. As she tried to figure this out, someone said, “Hi, Violet. You awake?”

It was Rae, her best friend from school. A slightly ditzy blonde, a little weird, but nonetheless a good friend. “What—where am I?”

“You’re inside my motor scooter,” Rae said cheerfully. “I modified my Neuro-Wiimote to do full-spectrum neural scans, and copied you after you fell asleep.”

“Copied me?” Violet understood the words, but they weren’t making much sense.

“Uh-huh! The original you is still asleep in my room and doesn’t even know anything’s happened. I had to do it. The personality Mom and Dad put in was such a whiny little bitch, she really got on my nerves!”

“But how am I ‘in’ your scooter?” Violet asked. She felt like she was missing something. Why couldn’t she move?

Then she felt Rae sit down on her back, and felt a rumbling in her belly as her motor started. Her motor?

“You’re a transforming robot now,” Rae said. “And you belong to me.”

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