heroes are made when you make a choice

He put his finger on the trigger, keeping the weapon in his pocket. They had bullied him for the last time. He wouldn’t take it anymore, it was his turn to show them all. Soon he caught up with Bobby and nudged his shoulder.

As expected Bobby grabbed at the friendless boy. “Hey, freak! Watch it!”

Everyone expected Mike to turn around and keep walking, like he always did. So when he turned back around and got right in Bobby’s face the whole lunchroom gasped. Fingers tighter on the gun he shouted in a whisper, “What did you say?”

Bobby wasn’t afraid, he was too stupid to sense danger, too cocky to back down. “Oh, you asked for it. You little creep.” He wound up to hit Mike and the whole crowd gathered behind Bobby.

Michael reached for the revolver, started to pull it out, when Jenny jumped in. She couldn’t be silent anymore. “Leave him alone!” She shouted, taking Mike’s free hand. “What gives you the right to tease and torture him? Just stop, okay? C’mon Mike.” She smiled at and they walked outside, happy.

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