Getting the Hang of It

The smirk on Sera’s face was unmistakable even on a mechanical face. Fur righted himself, looking outright embarassed, and glanced to Lisa, who just nodded. He once more pressed his attack, stepping into combat more carefully this time.

Sera fell into a defensive kata once more, and managed to deflect a downwards sword blow, stepping in and sweeping an armoured arm out to strike at the hand that held the blade. Taking advantage of the moment, she trapped his hand and once more threw him,. The smaller bot sailed head head-over-heels through the air, and landed hard, with Sera quickly pinning him to the ground.

The sound of clapping was unmistakable, even when large metal hands are the ones doing the clapping, and everyone turned. The drill instructor stood by, an amused grin on his face.

“I’ll be damned, maybe they did pick the right one after all, easier to learn to drive than fight. Military?” he asked.

“Five years in the navy,” Sera replied, grinning. “Left because I didn’t like being ordered around.”

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