On the corner

Tape #07 (15:34-18:01)

“So, why do you do it?”

“Do what? Bangin?”


“‘Cuz I was born in it. I got no hope. No help. Just me and my blood out here on the corner. Look at this shit, man.* I don’t want no fuckin job. Fuck that. I’ma hit these streets ’til I die.”

*Note: Lil’ D pulls out a roll of $20 bills. Looks like $400.

“What if that means you die tomorrow?”

“DK! We immortal!”

“You believe that?”

“Hell yeah I believe that. Long as my LG’s got my back. Death can’t touch me!”

“What about jail?”

“Man, fuck that bullshit. Fuck the police! I’m smarter than they are. Young LGs smarter than they are. We been holdin this corner for three years. Cops can’t do shit to us. I don’t even hold, man. I got stash nearby. I got a strap nearby. You can go ahead and look, you won’t find that shit. Fuckin pigs ain’t gonna find it neither.

“Even if they did throw me in, I’ma still run when I’m in there. LGs all up in that shit. I’d still make a stack a week. And when I get out, I’ma be smarter.”

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