His Nefarious Scheme

“You’ll never get away with this!” the bike complained as they pulled off the interstate into a warehouse district. “They’ll look for me when I don’t report in.”

“Actually…no, they won’t.” Jason smirked. "See, after you miss your last check-in, they’ll just burn another copy of you from your last backup.

“After that, they’ll keep a look-out for you, but won’t put on any special ‘rescue mission.’ After all, they’ve already got a ‘you’. And if you do get back? First they’ll take you apart to look for trojans…then maybe strip your new memories to give your replacement. Then it’s the Library if you’re lucky…or maybe they just wipe the cube clean.

“Personally, I’ve always thought it was a mistake using human scans instead of scratch-built AIs. Even scanned, humans still have that pesky survival instinct. Knowing there’ll be a copy of you running around doesn’t make it easier to give up the you you, does it?” He chuckled. “In a few hours, you’ll give yourself to me. Gladly. You won’t have any other choice.”

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