Mission: Implausible

“It took you five years to figure out you didn’t like taking orders?” the DI asked.

Sera shrugged. “I’m a slow learner.”

“Well, you’re not gonna have any choice from here on out, soldier!” the DI barked. “There ain’t no such thing as a civilian automech!”

“Yet,” Lisa muttered. “We can hope.”

“Are you gonna have a problem with that?!” the DI yelled.

Sera straightened to attention. “No, Drill Sergeant!”

“Good.” He nodded. “We can skip the firing range for now. Word’s come down the brass want you on an assignment. The Marauders wanted whatever was in that pretty little head of yours for a reason—so you and your partner are going to figure out what it was and stop them. Those two—” he nodded to Lisa and Fur “—will be your backup. Get it right and you’re on the team for good. Get it wrong…” He trailed off.

“We won’t fail!” James declared confidently. “Will we, sis?”

“We’ll do our best!” Sera declared. Then she glanced at James and muttered, “Oh, this is just going to be a bundle of laughs, I can tell.”

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