They Came....

They Came from the clouds one day.

Many of the elders thought the end of the world came, but their worries were assuaged when They ignored us. They just walked about and bothered no one. They did not rain fire from the sky. They did not bring the fury of the sun god down upon us.

They built great temples and pyramids in the far west. We called our temples Ziggurats. People began to worship them, and for a time, I did as well.

Many believe that They were a godsend. Something to save us from the dismal afterlife.

I stopped believing when one of them passed over me.

It’s body is like an insect, with a plump hindquarters but with long, donkey-like jointed legs that stretched all the way to the ground with long tentacles spread under him.

I looked up hundreds of feet to it’s mouth as it split to make an air-shuddering groan and while it passed, and I realized that these things are not a godsend. They not unholy. They are something else.

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