Arguing in the Dark

Janine looked at him seriously. “You can still go back, you know.”

Up until that moment, going back had always been in Alex’s thoughts. He had been well aware that every step he took toward the school was another one he’d have to take back. But when Janine suggested it, his mind rebelled. “Not going back,” he said.

“You really are an idiot,” Janine said mildly.

Alex bulled ahead. “If anyone’s going, you should. You’re the one she wants.”

Janine raised an eyebrow. “You could see her?”

“Why are you here?” Alex asked again.

Janine shrugged. “I heard her calling to me.”

Alex stared incredulously. “And you came? You want her to take you away?”

Janine shuffled her feet. “I wouldn’t mind. School’s boring anyway.”

“But she’s evil!” Alex protested.

“How do you know what she is?” Janine asked.

“She nearly killed Ricky!” Alex exploded.

Janine looked a little troubled, but shook her head. “She must have had a reason. She must have.” Janine looked down. “Iā€¦think she’s my mother.”

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