The Genius of Madness?

The former IT programmer (lets call him Sam) sat at his desk, staring at the screen.

He had so much he wanted to do in life, but every time he started to develop an idea, his mind wandered onto another great idea.

After many years, and a thousand tangents (or was it 1,024 ?), he created the concept of the Tangent-ometer (TGO) and off he went again, onto a new train of thought. “Lets call the TGO a Meta-Tangent” he joked to himself and any of his IT colleagues who would listen.

But Society (lets call him Soccy for short) would not let him develop au naturale. Soccy wanted everyone to be productive in a linear way.

“Start one item and finish it”, Soccy barked at every opportunity. “Tangents are for time wasters and mad people”

So Sam learnt how to ACT like a person that Soccy would accept and employ. And he did it well. He even managed to be a high performer.

But every time he allowed himself to wander down Tangent Alley, Sam noticed that he was SO creative and inspired. There must be another way…

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