EMO: Welcome bullies

As the three of us headed inside the local school bullies blocked the doors. Dominic was large and muscular, he was about 5’11’ and was dumber than a newborn baby. Him and his friend Derek, a loser that was wimpy but thought he was the toughest thing alive, blocked the entrance. “Move dumb and dumber.” I growled. “Why don’t you emo.” Derek mumbled.
“Wow what a wonderful comeback how long did it take you to think of that?” Aiden said back. Carter and Aiden both shoved me behind them. “Thanks for the chivalry boys.” I whispered in there ears. I texted the only chick friend i really had, Sammie. Sammie was exactly like me she had curly auburn hair and caramel brown eyes. Hey, cme 2 frnt doors dmb&dmbr r here :/ minutes later she slammed the doors into the back of them and they fell into Carter and Aiden who quickly took three steps back they fell onto the hard concrete and smashed their faces into the ground. I heard a breaking noise that sounded like one of them had broken a nose. I quickly laid next to them.

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