EMO: Gotta Love Lying

I rubbed my hands in the blood oozing from them and put it down the front of my shirt and began crying. Right on cue the staff members came running out and asked what had happened. They looked at the bullies and looked down at me. “Ms. Grey what happened to you?” Mrs. Micheal asked.
“I was just trying to get into school when these two,” I said pointing to the two bullies crumpled in heaps,“shoved me into the ground and i think they broke my nose or something. I blacked out right after i hit the ground.”
Aiden talked to the teachers next. “Yeah, she’s telling the truth. We just came back from lunch and they attacked her, so naturally we threw them to the ground terrified that they would hurt her more.”
He made his voice choke so that he sounded terrified. Carter started in too.
“I was so horrified of her getting hurt more than she was, they looked like demons they just charged at her and attacked her we didn’t even have a chance to jump infront of her.”
The teachers fell for it. “Those two will be punished.”

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