Twu luv [A journey in writing like Spageti]

Rodney Candycane was a trusting man, much to his own detriment. Every relationship he had was a let down in some way; mostly because he trusted his heart to shallow people. In a pub on the east side of New Brunswick, that changed. He meet someone new. He meet his soul mate. Even after the 6 highballs had worn off, he knew it was true love. They had connected both physically and spiritually. His new lover revealed a secret so deep, that it could only have been true love. His new love was a superhero with a secret identity.

The relationship went on for months, and Rodney knew he was ready to pop the question to his true love. After his shift as a railroad tycoon, he picked up a bottle of the old bubbly. Everything was going as planned, until he opened the apartment door.

“Dick Grayson, you slut!” screamed Rodney as he watched in horror while The Dark Knight and The Boy Wonder’s naked bodies left sweet stains on the kitchen floor.

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