High Speed Philosophy

Today, I was in ‘the zone’. I was ‘seeing through the code’. My perception of everyday life seemed on an unusual high today.

Knowing that so many things, people, animals, forces of nature; they all operate with little consideration of the things that surround it. Is it possible to act while being completely conscious of how your actions effect everything around you? Surely not.

Is the answer to do nothing? Is the answer to be nothing?

I step on the gas.

If the only way to consciously act is not to, why do we choose to act in the first place? If there’s no cause, there’s no effect. What keeps everything going, then? God? Some other unknown, predestined force?

It’s frightening to think that you have no control over what will happen to you. Or is it all chance? Why does it even matter?

Why don’t we just rely on the ideas and fantasies we produce and chose to follow them?

I think I will, because right now, I have the idea to let go of the wheel and the fantasy of the eternal “lights out”.


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