Of Comas and Killing Death

“So what does this get us?” Jeron asked. “I mean, sure, he was in a coma, and sure, he met Death. But—”

“But this means the method works!” Kyle said, ecstatically. “I just have to go into a coma, and boom! I meet her, and then I can kill her.”

“But how are you going to do that?” Jeron asked. “You can’t exactly take a weapon into a coma with you.”

“I can strangle her,” Kyle pointed out. “Shouldn’t be hard.”

“You honestly think that Death wouldn’t have defenses against comatose mortals?” Jeron said. “I mean, she’s Death. If any comatose schmuck could off her, she’d be dead a long time ago.”

“True,” Kyle said. “But that just means she’ll be complacent. She won’t expect a mortal to try, because she thinks we think it’s impossible.”

“Um, excuse me,” Declan said. “Are you guys seriously talking about killing Death?”

“Well, yes,” Kyle said.

“I’d rather you didn’t,” Declan said. “She was really kind of nice.”

“Nice?” Kyle asked. “Nice? But she’s Death!

“She’s still nice,” Declan said defiantly.

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