Heart to Heart

“I sort of got that feeling myself. But you’ve only given me half an answer there. You’re as much a part of this as he is, you know…” she replied in a deadpan.

“I’m replaceable. If it wasn’t me it would have been someone else. He found me on one of the rumorsites, found out I was both a fan and a technician, talked me into designing that jamming device when I still thought it was all some elaborate Alternate Reality Game. Honestly, until you came in that door, I still was entertaining even chances of him either having me on, or simply being crazy.” he retorted, blushing brightly.

“So now you know that your boss is a kidnapper, and you’re still helping him? He must provide one hell of a dental plan.” she snarked as Bran stretched a fiber optic cable over and attached it to the jammer.

“Yeah, well in my defense, I can’t really do anything else at the moment. In case you haven’t noticed, he locked the door when he left. I can’t get out of here myself,” he sighed. “The human you still out there somewhere?”

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