Never as strong.

He doesn’t tell her she’s beautiful, how much he enjoys her company…

She doesn’t mention how much easier it is to breathe when he is near, or how her heart breaks when he doesn’t look her way.

He wishes that it could go back to the way it was before, and secretly, she does too.

Neither will take the first step, so they will be stuck in this feeling of anguish until the end of time. Always longing, forever wishing.

Days fade into weeks and before long he can see that the dawn he’s been waiting for will never break.

She knows it won’t ever be the same and that thought fills her with despair. Not again…

Never again will they feel the warmth of the other by their side. Never again will they laugh together. Lost, like so many other insignificant things.

With tears in their eyes they walk their separate ways. Their unspoken bond will always be a part of them and no matter what they do, they cannot forget. They can replace the feeling, though it could never be as strong. Never as strong.

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