"you escaped. that's most important"

She wakes up to bright lights and many sounds. As her senses come back she realizes that she’s in hospital. When she reaches down to pull up the sheet everything comes back. The man. The closet. The… she can’t even think the horrid word. Frantically she reaches for the call button.

The doctor is a brunette woman, about her age. “Hi, I’m Doctor Lewis. But call me Annie, please.”

“Hi… Annie.” Her voice is weak. She trembles and stutters. “I’m Hannah. What… what day is it? Where am I? The last thing I remember… the last thing… I passed out on the sidewalk.”

“You escaped. That’s the most important thing.” Annie sits next to Hannah and squeezes her hand. “You’re at Mercy General. It’s Tuesday, you’ve been out for two days. It’s rest you needed, hun. The detectives want to talk to you about what happened, do you think you’re ready?”

Hannah nods and Annie stands to up signal the detectives. Silently she slips from the room as a man and woman enter the small room. “Get the bastard who did this, please.”

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