The Loophole

“Yeh called me here?” A tiny, tinny voice warily asked.

“Uhhh, did I?” Thomas slurred. He stared incredulously at the two- no just one – little fella in green sitting on the table at his elbow. The little guy was sort of blurry, causing Thomas to squint. The five pints of Guinness in him was not helping.

“Yes. I dunno how ye did it sir, but here I be.”

Thomas didn’t know how he’d managed it himself. Maybe his desperation played a factor. Whatever, it worked. Now the cursed wee fella was here, and Thomas was going get another chance.

“I know what ye be thinkin’ lad and I’m here ta say that I know why yer in tha terr’ble state yer in. I shouldn’t be doing this, but there’s a Wish loophole.”

Thomas felt a glimmer of hope stir in him. Maybe this wouldn’t require him to throttle the little guy who’d ruined his life. “Alllllloophole?” Thomas struggled to get the words out. “I’ll never drink another drop if this works.” he thought.

“Ye only have ta answer one question. But yeh must tell tha absolute truth.”

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