Down the Rabbit Hole

“…So, where does this new mass and energy go?” asked the chief researcher for one of the LHC projects.

The team leader sipped his coffee and said, “We think it’s rolled up into another dimension. The folks at CERN are having kittens over this. They had some ‘noise’ in a few of their collisions that they ignored and it turned out that they had seen just the tail end of what we saw in its full glory.”

“Huh, could it be our elusive dark matter?”

“We don’t know. The particles just spiral to a point and then nothing. And the spiral is not flat or cone shaped. The plane of the spiral changes at random describing an ever decreasing sphere.”

“Fascinating. Anything else?”

The team leader made a face. “Yes, we have had quarks appear out of nothing. Nothing between them and the point of collision.”

The other man leaned back as he absorbed the news and said, “Quarks aren’t fundamental particles. That throws string theory for a loop.”

“This is new knowledge. We’ve gone down the rabbit hole and found a new world.”

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