Wakeman's Strategy

The hall was quiet save for the gentle squeaks and creaks of the chairs as the audience leaned forward, studying both of the players, the board, and the large plasma screens that showed the auxiliary games, only two of which were played concurrently. When JoBo leaned over the board and lifted his Grasshopper there was a sharp intake of breath from the front two rows, and when he placed it down again, three hexagons north-east, the collective sigh actually rustled the curtains over the hall-windows. On plasma screen two, showing events from two hours earlier, JoBo placed the Selectivity Ankh, a small golden figurine, into a pigeonhole and the sigh became a whisper, and that whisper became a roar.
“Wakeman’s Strategy!”
Enneman frowned at the board, and on Plasma screen four he played the cross from his Zener deck; concurrent play. JoBo’s fingers tapped on the side of the board and he glanced up at the screens. Screen five: play from three days earlier showed him discarding a Ring, and someone started clapping.

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