He watches her dance as the rain falls around them.

She spins and twirls through the twilight, enjoying the moment. She feels free, for the first time in forever. She can feel his eyes watching her and her heart swells to double its original size. A smile plays at the edge of her lips and she lets out a cry of pure joy.

He laughs with her, his cold mask melting.

The rain glistens on her skin, sparkling like diamonds in the fading light. Clumsy as always, she stumbles.

He throws out his arms to catch her and plants a kiss on her cheek.

A laugh bubbles through her lips and once again, she’s dancing. But this time, she has a partner. Their bodies move together to silent music that only they can hear.

With a sigh he releases her and watches as she runs out into the rain again and continues with her carefree dance.

He hopes she stumbles again, so that he can catch her when she falls.

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