Catch a Fallen Star

“You followed the procedures to the letter?” Jason asked as he came back downstairs.

Bran nodded. “It went just as you said. No deviations.”

“Good.” Jason grinned. “So how’s my pretty lady feeling?” he asked the bike.

“I’m all yours now,” Star sighed. “I won’t betray you to Aegis, but I feel I should warn you that I’m not going to fight them either. Or hurt innocent people, or cooperate with the Marauders. You’d have to wipe me first.”

Jason waved a hand. “Relax, I hate Marauders too.” He chuckled. “I’m just happy that you’re mine again…Megan.”

Star was shocked “What? But how did you…oh my God. Jason.”

“Right on.” Jason grinned crookedly. “Didn’t I tell you, whatever happened I’d find you? When you got taken by Marauders the day before the prom, I bribed someone for a copy of the police reports. When I found out what really happened at the factory, I joined Aegis. Then they found you in that Marauder library raid, but I knew there was no way they’d partner a tech specialist like me up with you. So…”

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