Walk and Talk of Secrets

“You really should have offed him.” Joe broke the silence. After I left the bounty hunter tied up way off the trail in bear territory, my friends had decided to hike with me to a known safe location.
“I am not a killer! Maybe they think I am, but I swear to you, I am not. AND I am NOT going to give them any more reasons to hunt me.”

“They already have all the reasons they need! You’ll have to kill them.”

I shot him a look.

“Joe’s right, this will end in war, kill or be killed, Elsha.” Alex’s calm tone sung a lullaby of truth. I sighed.

“Well for now, we will be safe, and I can come up with a defensive strategy.”
“Yeah, where are we going?” Chris panted as we topped the steep side of yet another ravine.
“There.” I pointed to what looked like forest floor, but was really a well hidden entrance to an underground compound. My compatriots’ brows furrowed and they shot each other looks that questioned my sanity. Then some of the brush moved and a figure smiled broadly and waved.
" ’bout time ya got ’ere Mates!"

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