Texting... texting... One-two, one-two...

Hey, what’s up

Not much, you?

Bored out of my mind
there’s no one to talk to

So you came to me?
Like, last?

Well yeah I guess

So, instead of talking to me first, you wait until everyone else is busy?

I don’t know

Of course you don’t. You never know. I’m just a pathetic excuse, nothing more, right? I’m not even your real friend.

Sure you are

Really? Then why do we only ever talk when you’re really bored?

I don’t know

See? There you go again. It’s always “I don’t know”, never anything worthwhile. Never!

We have pretty cool conversations

That doesn’t make us friends. We used to be pretty close, but you started hanging out with… another crowd. Now you’re just using me.

Am not

I’m done arguing. Good-bye, and see if I ever relieve your boredom again.

Uhh good-bye?


I threw the phone against the back of the couch and stomped outside. I needed a walk, I needed to get away from the memories I was going to have to lose because of the friend I had to lose.




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