Emotions. Mindsets. They spread just like pebbles being tossed in a pond. Ring after Ring. I found this out after my first encounter with Jose. Jose was one of my colleagues at my old college, Swathmore University. We both majored in nursing. I saw him around a lot but, I never really talked with him. One day, I went out with my friends, Tina, Torey, Shawna, and Maryah. We spent the whole day goofing, just as we did in high school. Afterward, we went to a cafe. As it got late they all found an excuse to leave. I wanted to stay so they said they’d see me later. Looking around, as the waitress pored my coffee, I saw Jose. He was reading some sort of news article. I really wanted to get to know him. I took my cup of coffee and sat at the table he was sitting at. He looked at me with a peculiar face expression and said dully “Oh. Hello. You’re Malikah. I’ve seen you in some of my classes.” I gave him a quick smile. He laughed and then frown. “Your childish.” This would not be the end of his rude remarks…..

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