Killing Machines

“Colonel Withe, sir! The first group is wiping out fast!”

Colonel Withe looked straight in his eyes. The man flickered from his gaze. Instantly, Withe knew this man was still a boy. Using his authoritative voice, Colonel Withe spoke.

“What do you mean, boy? My first group is one of the best.”

“That’s exactly why I’m reporting, sir! Those terrorists are like lifeless killing machines!”

Sensing intense fear in his voice, Withe motioned the man to sit and made his way to his radio. Halfway there, the colonel heard one of his soldiers yell, “Hey you! What are you doing here? This is battlefield sweetie. You shouldn’t be here!”

Colonel Withe turned around just in time to see a line of his soldiers go down. The shooter was a black-haired girl about 17 or so. Her silver eyes shined dull, completely lifeless.

In a blink of an eye, his whole army was down, but the amazing thing was that she didn’t even reload, once.

Suddenly, the colonel understood what the boy meant.

And then, he, with his men, were gone.

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