Draw, Ya Sidewinder!

The man in black barely tilted his head up and said “I reckon I didn’t hear you correctly. What did you say?”

The young man stood his ground and said, “I said draw your iron, you sidewinder! I’m here to put you in the ground, Pecos Bill!”

Bill took a sip of his whisky, and while the young gunslinger was distracted, slipped his other hand under the table. Setting the glass down, he said, “Son, you should reconsider what you’re say’n.”

“I aim to prove that I’m faster than you,” the young man said.

“Being a gun hand ain’t worth it son,” said Bill, settling back. “You still have a life to live.”

“And you don’t! I can beat ’cha or mebbe yur yeller!”

“You ain’t smart either,” said Bill. “Son, you have two choices, say you made a mistake or die.”

The young man then noticed Bill’s arm under the table and turned white. “Uh, you gotta gun under that table don’cha?”

“One way to find out.” said Bill. He then gave the other man a stone cold stare.

“OK, mebbe I made a mistake,” the young man said, leaving the bar.

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