Night and Night Again

We get up to go down the street and catch a movie.

His eyes rake the back of my neck while we buy the tickets. I sit at the end of the row with her to my left, he stands to my right and gazes down at me.

I have my arm around her shoulders and she’s asleep.

I turn my head and give him an icy glare.

Don’t look at me.” He says.

“Stop following me.” I say, not breaking eye contact.

Don’t fucking look at me.” He repeats.

I keep looking at him.

You leave me no choice, you little shit.

Suddenly, fire flashes through my being. The picture on the movie screen flashes different colors and pain splits my skull. I can’t scream, I can’t writhe in pain. I can only sit there.

When the pain stops, he’s laughing and my pores are producing gallon after gallon of cold sweat.

She’s awake now. She looks concerned.

“Liam, are you sure you’re alright?” She asks softly.

“W-we should go.” I murmur.

She nervously holds my hand as we walk out of the movie theaters. It’s dark out.

Kill her.

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