Disposable Heroes

General Forrester looked down at the broken, shattered body of his only child, he could not shed a tear for him..he served his purpose.

“I was born for dying” the man struggled to say from his dying lips as he looked up at his father. Death was standing opposite the General ready to do his duty. General Forrester looked into Death’s black eyes and confessed “Soldier boy made of clay, now an empty shell”. He then looked down at the body on the concrete, “21, only son but he served us well, bred to kill not to care, do just as we say”, he continued.

The General took out a cigar from his breast pocket, turned and walked away. As he was creating distance between himself and his son, he shouts to Death, “Finished here, greeting death, he’s yours to take away”.

Death rested his hand on the boy’s forehead and whispered to him “You will do what I say when I say”. His soul peacefully left the battered corpse and he began to walk with death. The reaper turns to the boy “You coward, you servant, you blind man”.

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