Ready, Set...

They took up tactical positions, spreading out so that each angle of approach could be defended. James and Lisa stood side-by-side, weapons drawn, facing back the way they came, flanked by Sera on one side and Fur on the other.

“Hold fire until we know what we’re dealing with, there’s a reason TASERs are considered less-lethal rather than non-lethal.” Sera said, training her targeting system in the direction of the source of the footsteps at what depending on individual body-type, would be anywhere from chest height to just above waist height on a human.

“Yeah, if it’s one of the VADders, we don’t want to end up in a situation where we end up having to say “Hey, how ya doin’, sorry I zapped the hell out of you, eh sis?” James joked.

“You’re never going to let me forget the incident at the hotel, are you?” she grumbled.

“Hey, would you?” he replied.

“You guys want to clam up? You’re going to give away our position with all that yapping.” Lisa sighed.

“Point taken. Get ready, here they come.” Sera said.

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