Beatle Love

Beatle Love…. (or , How many song lyric / titles can you fit in a Ficlet?)
by Trying to Blend
originally published at 04:09PM on Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Long and winding road had led me from me to you. I finally turned down Penny Lane. Here comes the sun, (I am the sun king.) I know we can work it out. I know there is something we can do, all you need is love, right? I want to hold your hand, buy you a ticket to ride and get back to where we started. I know money can’t buy me love, but this boy, this bad boy, wants to thank you girl for waiting for me eight days a week. It’s the end of the night, yes it is, and I feel fine because when I call your name, oh darling, i can slow down, I’ll get you and we’ll come together.
Thank you, girl

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