do you breathe me anymore

She thought of him in her apartment, as the vegan boca burger sizzled in the frying pan. His smile was in the sesame seeds on the buns she ran to get as he held her spot in line. She wondered if he was taking the first bite of his burger and she lifted a french fry, dipped in ketchup, to her mouth.

He entered her thoughts as she was scribbling in her journal. He became the protagonist in her dreams. When she was in the recording studio he would enter her thoughts as her agent told her it was time for a new album. He became the inspiration for her new song. Later he would be her newest hit single.

The day the song reached number one on the billboard charts she found the scrap of paper he slipped her in the coffee shop that day. It had gotten lost among her things when she slipped on the sidewalk outside her brownstone. Fitting that she find it today, even more fitting that it be tucked in her favorite novel.

Slowly she dialed the number on the ripped paper. Nervously she wondered if he even remembered her.

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