you looked out the window, you looked at the moon

As the phone started ringing she started thinking about if he even remembered her, if he thought she was horrid for not calling. She was too nervous to speak so she put the phone near her speakers and played her newest song into the phone.

“Hello… Hello?” He answered. “Who is this?” He didn’t make the connection between the song and the caller.

The song stopped and she cradled the phone between her shoulder and neck. “Josh. It’s Lisa.” She inhaled. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry I didn’t call, but I lost your number. I only found it today.” Another deep breath. “Just hear me out, okay. I can’t get you out of my mind. I’d really like to see you again, get some coffee. More coffee.” She attempted a joke.

This time it was the other side of the phone that inhaled deeply. “Yea, I’d like that.” Josh said slowly. “Want to meet this afternoon? At The Coffeehouse on 72nd?”

“I’d like that. We can go to the park afterward, I want to show you something.” Lisa blushed and took another deep breath, a happy sigh of relief.

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