Animal Abuse

The bunny tripped through the door of the house, landing on the floor with a loud thud. His wife was waiting for him in the living room, her arms crossed.
“Honey, where have you been?!” she asked, obviously frustrated.
The rabbit jumped in surprise, speaking through hiccups, “Out…. out with the guys.”
“It’s one o’clock in the goddamn morning, and I know for a FACT that your pal Pookie couldn’t go out tonight because it’s his anniversary.”
He made his way over to her wife, dropping his beer and burping.
“No, honey, I was… I was out with… Bubby. We had a few drinks.”
“A few drinks my ass!”
The soft white fur on the back of his hand connected with the brown-and-white spotted fur on her right cheek.
“You have no right to talk to me like that, do you hear me?! Do you hear me, Boingy?! I’m the man in the house.”
“Mittens, This… this isn’t you! Why don’t we just go to bed, honey?”
“Ugh I’m sleeping on the couch.”
He stumbled away, picking up his bottle to throw it against the wall.
He slept alone that night.

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