Kentucky Then to South Carolina

My knees are leaning on the dashboard as I look at the map. Taylor Swift is still singing loud on the radio. The summer breeze comes in through the window.

“So we will probably reach Kentucky by dinner. Do you want to check in then eat or just eat then check in?” I ask Amber.

We plan to stay the night in Kentucky because if we didn’t we would make it to Maddy’s house around three in the morning.

“Well seeing as we should get an early start tomorrow, I think we should check in and find a place to eat close to the hotel.”

“Sounds good sis.”

We arrive in the hotel around dinner and check in. We decided to order food in the hotel because we both feel exhausted. We make our phone calls to tell our families we are alive and safe. Amber called Thomas and talked for hours. I just planned out our trip more then. Both of us are out by ten.

I awake to amber’s phone alarm sounds at eight am. We eat breakfast in the hotel, check out, and start off down the road.

“Ready to meet Maddy?” I ask.

“Yea!” Amber yells.

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