Not Just A Kiss (part 2 of 3)

“Bryelle! No!” screamed Jaydin. She hit the water and did not come up for air. The pursuers closed in. Jaydin became enraged, taking out three of them at once. The others fought bravely, dropping the leader so that the rest were forced to retreat. Then the rebel band hurried down to the lagoon, searched the waters, but found no girl.

Jaydin wept loudly. Bryelle had formed a tighter bond with him than the others. But she never had let go of her past and given in to him. The others wondered how long until she finally realized the quiet desire that passed between them. But now she was gone.

The troupe mourned her loss, their tears softer, their wails quieter than those of their friend. They each remembered a time where Bryelle had saved them, often knowing a secret tunnel or having a stash of food and weapons right when they needed it.

As they cried over their loss, a form slowly emerged from a space behind the waterfall, crawling across the face of the cliff.

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