Speaking Out For My Race

You know it all. You know it’s wrong – and not just wrong, but torturous, frightening, pure evil. You see kids doing stuff which other kids don’t do. Looking different. Communicating and thinking different. You may think it’s not even thinking. You like to point and laugh at them, or show pity, just to show everything is alright with you. You don’t understand their minds, therefore they must have none, right?

You categorize them, divide et impera, the “high” and “low”, the “gifted” and the “retarded”. You label them with words that would be repudiably offensive if used to refer to anyone else. You hate them because you can get away with hating them. Because all your friends hate them too.

You lock them up, deny them employment, bully them at school, stage them as monsters, torture them to death with all sorts of “treatments”, hoping that one day they will be “cured”. But who will you eradicate next? If all these odd people turn into clones of you, who will be your next target?


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