Rules of Three

When Doc was bar tending he held to the rule of three.

“At any given time in a gay bar you can’t have more than three hustlers, three straight girls or three underage drug dealers at once,”pretty quixotic statement but I’ll run with it.

“Life is full of rules of three,”I chimed in. ” My rule of three, is ‘Don’t be All Three’. That’s the one where you can be broke, boring or ugly-”

“- But don’t be all three,”Doc interjected enthusiastically. “Yeah that’s pretty good. I like that one.”

“I think it’s like a universal rule of Karma,” I elaborated," and if you break it bad shit happens. Like with negatives- fat , annoying , and Republican the Karmic retribution is obvious, people will hate you. But if it’s three positives like rich , handsome , and decent the universe will have to do something serious to compensate. Like what happened to John John Kennedy.”

“Yeah, but his wife died too, how’s that fair?”Doc inquired.

“Blonde, skinny, and married to JFK jr..” Duh…

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