Gone in a Flash

“Uh…okay…” Billy said, shading his eyes and squinting, trying to see past the lights. “Are you okay, Sera? You sound kinda funny.”

“I’ve been a little sick lately,” Sera said.

“Yeah, you might say she’s ‘not been running on all cylinders,’” James quipped. He muttered, “Well, except that turbines don’t have cylinders, of course, and—OOF!” as Sera elbowed him in the ribs.

“Okay. Well, I guess I’ll see you later, then.” Billy turned and started back up the passage. Then, as Sera and the others turned back toward the CompSci building, the tunnel was lit by a bright flash from behind them. Then Billy’s footsteps broke into a run.

“What the—” Lisa began, spinning.

Sera sighed. “Digital camera. He always carries it. I should have remembered.”

“Should we go after him?” James asked.

Lisa shook her head. “He couldn’t have gotten that good of a shot at that distance, and this is more important right now.”

“Besides,” Sera said grimly, “I know where he lives.”

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