falling in love

Lisa arrived a little early at the coffeehouse and ordered her favorite, soy pumpkin latte. Keeping her head down she smiled at the barista, while at the same time not letting him recognize her. How she hated those other celebrities flaunting their fame. She preferred to live a normal life, her job just happened to be a little different.

She took a seat on the couch on the side with a perfect view of the window. Sipping her drink she watched for Josh’s figure to appear in the building. She sighed, wondering if he would stand her up because she hadn’t called or made any contact with him for months until this week.

But her nerves were calmed when he came in and ordered a regular latte. Getting his drink he made eye contact and plopped down next to Lisa. “Hey.” He made a feeble attempt at conversation.

“Hi.” She giggled nervously.

“Hey, come with me. I want to show you something.” Lisa smiled.

“Alright.” Josh had barely stood up when she grabbed his wrist and took him across the street and into the park.

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