Without Beginning or End

I am Melchizedek.

Before the Earth groaned under the hands of the Potter, I knew it. Long before the briny waves worked the shores, I could taste the virgin sea.

Since time untold I have set the table for Prince and the King. Yet few men have met me.

For aeons I must pace the dusty shadows, not here, not there, nearly without place at all. Three times I have been called forth from my hiding to circumscribe the globe on foot, and plant seeds that grow, reaching up to Him.

The first time I came, man was still wet from the womb. And yet, some men already knew me.

The next time I came, I was turned away, and yet the King said, you shall return on another day.

The last time I came, the day was hot, and most men slumbered under a broad nut tree; and yet, those who were still awake, they knew me well indeed.

Some of the slumberers dreamt that I would one day come and never return again. But I know the King will have me come forth again and again, for his kingdom shall have no end.

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